is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?

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.004- charmander.
i am being consumed by you.
2 years and you're still all i think about.
i still feel like i'm going to pass out when you hold my hand.
i still feel a surge of blood through my veins
         when you barely brush your lips against mine.
i still get headaches when we don't talk for a few hours.
i still hyperventilate from nerves whenever i see you.
i still get the biggest, stupidest grin whenever i hear your ringtone.
i still kiss the phone screen when we hang up, because it makes me sleep easier.
i still consider your opinion when i get dressed.
i still look for you in the halls, even though we don't go to the same school anymore.
i still have those dreams about you that shake me awake.
i still compare everyone i meet to you, but no-one ever comes close.
i still fantasize about living with you as soon as we turn 18.
i still love you. more than anything in the world.
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