is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?

.003- venusaur.
i haven't been getting much sleep.
excuses for being awake are so easy to come by.

i like your haircut,
and i like the fun we had looking through hair books.
we haven't hung out like that in a long time.
i miss you more than i could ever realize.

"change, change, change,
i want to get up out of my skin
tell you what, if i can shake it,
i'ma make this something worth dreaming of."

.002- ivysaur.
stayed up til 2 to draw my "personality portrait."
but i ran out of things to draw before half the page was full.
where'd my personality go?

i miss you. 46 more days.
i think we're setting a record for cape coral teens.

"i'm utterly depraved; let's do it on your terrace
and the rain will catch the notches on our backs.
exchanging spit through our sloppy kisses
where the water tastes like perfumes of the docks.
we're meant symmetrically."
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.001- bulbasaur.
may8th, 2011.
leaving this fucking house.
getting a tattoo.
living with my boyfriend.

when i grow up,
i don't want to be famous.
i just want to be free.


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